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There are a lot of mascara ads in magazines!  Lots.


One thing they mostly have in common is that they will state that the "look" was created by lash inserts.  Um, what about your mascara???????


How can a potential customer become interested if they KNOW the model is really not just wearing THAT mascara????


So, they hire a "star" or a model, and it's all about HER, not the mascara really!


I look at brushes, personally.  They have gotten more to my liking lately.  Not the big, wide, bulky, ones, but more like combs.


But, I digress.  I know they got in trouble awhile back for NOT disclosing they were using false eyelashes.  I just don't get it!


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@hyacinth003 They do the same on TV. In very small print at the bottom.


I guess they think we won't notice the fine print.

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Re: Mascara ads

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It is really disgusting how the make up industry acts so OCD and over the top, the barrage on mascara has reached ridiculous heights and lengths, it totally aggravates me  and is utterly boring. Do they think women have the time to sit around and pnder this endlessly?

You are just paying for all the ads.