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Have I missed something?  I tune into QVC daily and haven't seen Mary Beth Rowe for such a long time.  I really enjoy her presentations.  Did she leave the Q?

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She was in an auto accident and is recovering.
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when did she have the accident and how's is she doing ?

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Several months ago.  She is in physical therapy.  She was hurt pretty bad I take it.  She had a bad concussion and is still having vision and balance issues.  She is on FB so you can check her out there.

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She posted on May 11 that it had been 6 weeks since her accident.


She has been posting photos of being out and about at various gatherings like an anniversary party and baby shower so she appears to be doing well, just not able to come back to work yet. 

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I am so sorry to hear that!  I will be sending prayers her way.  

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Yes she looked very good in the recent pictures we saw!