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I don't know what you women watch, but I watch a lot of TV now that I'm retired & I hardly ever see Marie Osmond commercials. Maybe once a week, maybe. I like Marie, more power to her, they will get another celebrity spokesperson eventually, never fear!

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When she can lie about losing 50 lbs on NutriSystem like she does, I switch her off! She lost the weight during DWTS, plus maybe a little extra from NS. Remember how she fainted! Probably starving herself as well! So many TV people prepared to lie for a buck!!!
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On 9/27/2014 NCshoppergal said:

googled Marie Osmond plastic surgery.. a lot of speculation…

:Marie Osmond plastic surgery was a great success. At her early fifties, the celebrity still looks fabulous and attractive. Her profile is rich and she became into the limelight because of her melodious wonderful voice as well as her amazing appearance. Such a public figure is usually monitored by fans, gossip columnists and celebrity watchers and even a slight change in her appearance can’t go unnoticed.

At the age of 50s, one would expect to see wrinkles and stress lines but the story is different for Marie Osmond. She does not have any wrinkles on her face or loose skin that is usually common with people her age. Her skin is tight, toned and refined something that could only be possible through cosmetic procedures. Though she has denied procuring any plastic surgical operation, it is rumored that the celebrity underwent the surgeon’s knife for a number of cosmetic procedures.

I agree - her surgery is amazing. Wish I knew who had done it; I'd become a patient also.

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Her Nutri System is really overplayed here in the Southwest. My husband & I have to mute the tv or change channels...that's how often it's on here! I think Marie is beautiful though!

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Hot mess. Train wreck. Pretty much sums it up.

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I don't know why so many of you are claiming jealousy as the reason for negative comments. Can't anyone be tired of something or someone without is being turned into jealousy? For all you know, the women making these comments are fit and gorgeous themselves and have nothing to be jealous of. Even if they are not, it does not mean that they would prefer to look like Marie Osmond rather than themselves. You are making baseless assumptions.

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On 9/25/2014 champagnepoodle said:

Way tooo much face work. I think she might be Joan Rivers age, so she is old enough to be a grandma. Face looks exactly alike.

She was born in 1959.

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I agree, puppy. It's so silly to say women are jealous because they don't like someone. I like Marie just fine, but the commercials are just tiring. She looks good, and did a good job of selling her exercise band the other day. Nice to see something she and her husband can do together.

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On 9/27/2014 Catwoman said:
On 9/27/2014 TY said:

Marie didn't just lose weight by doing Nutrisystem, she lost at least 40 pounds doing the Dancing With the Stars show. I think that's why the commercial is sometimes annoying...because it's disingenuous when we all know that the exercise component was important and the main reason she lost weight.

She also performs regularly, so she needs to stay in good physical shape. That said, while I think Marie has gone overboard with the cosmetic procedures, I certainly admire her for having maintained her weight loss for several years now. Think about all of the other diet companies and how many spokespeople they have gone through, usually because the people regained some or all of the weight back, and then think about how many years Marie has been representing Nutrisystem. They must be absolutely thrilled with her. She has proven to be the perfect spokesperson, and she has really taken her weight loss and weight maintenance very seriously. I'm sure it hasn't been easy, because no matter how much exercise she gets, diet is still a major component and it's hard to stick with a diet plan when you like to eat.

I agree with you Catwoman. Furthermore, I may not be a cheerleader for programs such as NutriSystem, but Marie Osmond carries a high believable and likeable factor with me (and I'm not easily charmed into fandom of celebrities or wannabes). As a result, I think I would agree with the NutriSystem marketing team that she is a fine spokesperson for their brand.

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love Marie - saw her in person several times and she looks very natural and unlike so many others fortunately her face looks like her. She is a genuinely warm person who is awesome with her fans. But I have to say that I change the channel too when her commercials come on or any commercials for that matter that are played ad nauseum. Love seeing her adorable grandson though. I think it's CNN that plays it too much?? It's good for her bank account though and I'm happy for her for that.