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@JobGirl wrote:
I can't imagine walking around with just the post and no temporary crown for weeks or months 
I have never seen anyone with impants do that either-ever
That never happens. If people had to walk around looking like toothless hobos for weeks, they would never get  

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I lost my crown 2 months ago eating TOFU!!!!  It was my rear molar and had to have my tooth pulled, because some of it came out with the crown.  Not enough to glue back.  Will be getting an implant beginning of next year. 

  Next week,  I'm getting a crown on another tooth...  3 from the back.   Has a lot of silver and my dentist doesn't like what she is seeing .....  so, a crown it will be for that one.   Lots going on!!!!!

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Looked today like it has been fixed, she was all smiles and closeup.