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Okay so here's my Wen history- I started with 613 and loved it. Then I got a TSV that included fig and my hair actually responded so much better the fig than 613. I have been using Fig now for years. This past December I got the TSV with the five bottles of different scents and I got one of the classic and one of the seasonal. Fig us definitely my perfect match. The bamboo dried out my hair! I mean you would've thought I had used shampoo on my hair! It was horrible. After all these years of using Wen, to have straw hair was unreal. So my question is, is the Manderin fig anything like the regular fig? I mean with that being rice-based is it going to be like the bamboo and dry out my hair or is it really moisturizing for dry and damaged hair like the original fig?
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Fig is my perfect formula, too, although I mostly use others because I prefer less menthol. While BGT didn't make my hair like straw, it's not my hair's favorite.

I recently ordered the TSV in MIF. I wouldn't say MIF and Fig are similar, but I can say that - for my hair - MIF is more moisturizing and I had a better result than with BGT. While the scent of MIF isn't my favorite, I do like the performance.

Hope that's helpful to you.

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I don't think MIF and fig are similar either. MIF works very similar to BGT on my hair. I think BGT works better on my hair than MIF. I cannot overuse BGT or MIF or my hair gets dry. Too much protein.
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I've been using Wen for over 5 years and fig is the best choice for my hair though I use many formulas for variety. I've used the MIF twice and I really like it. I too find BGT a bit drying but the MIF seems to provide more hydration. The scent is different. Earthy, similar to BGT but I note cedar in it. My sister picks up the mandarin which I don't at all. Didn't like it at first but it's growing on me. So did fig....Smile

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To me, MIF is like BGT with some Fig added. This is perfect for me because Fig by itself is too heavy for my hair. I like to add a little Fig to whichever Wen I'm using.

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I love BGT, but decided to try MIF because it has the honey ingredient in it like the newer seasonals. I really like the performance and the scent. The only other cleansing conditioner I've tried with the honey complex is the winter white citrus. If I compare all three, I don't really notice much difference in hair behaves with all of them. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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With MIF my hair behaves Best of all the three CCs you've mentioned, though the other two are very good also.

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I am in the same boat. I use Fig and 613. Those two work great on my hair. Tea Tree is awful on my hair. I heard that BGT is kinda drying. So, I decided to call Wen Customer Service ph. 323-467-6444. Wen Customer Service are very nice to talk with. They told me that MIF is the same formula as the BGT. Fig will be staying in the original line. However, MIF is not as moisturizing as Fig. Because it is not the same formula as Fig and I need the moisture from Fig, I'm not wasting my money on MIF. Hope that helps. Best of luck to you.

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I would think the MIF would be more moisturizing since it has honey in it...not the 4 complex, but it still has a form of it...but then I guess it just depends on each persons I have to say, I got to use WEN a couple times with soft water, and I sure loved it even more...the scent sounds very nice tho

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I'm usually a TT first cleanse, then 613/Fig/SOB mix for second cleanse with nickel size mix of those 3 as,my leave in. Then 2 pumps of SHP sc. Hair was great.Shoulder length curls were soft, & frizz free. Today, I did TT first cleanse & MIF alone for 2nd cleanse & dime size as leave in, & 2 pumps of the MIF sc. My hair is AWFUL. A dry, frizzy, mess. I think I need to mix this with something to counteract the dryness in the mid shaft to ends of my hair. On the plus side, I LOVE the scent. Very warm, berry, vanilla. I don't smell the mandarin/citfus, but it does smell beautiful. Reminds me of Philosophy 's "Unconditional Love" fragrance.