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On 3/20/2015 Denise from Canada said: Bamboo did the same to my hair, way to drying, the same with the wen kids. My hair loves fig, it loves the moisture. I just did a 4 day stint with the MIF and even though it was better than the bamboo I still ended up with really dry hair after 4 days of using it. If your hair did not like bamboo I doubt it will like the MIF.
Glad I'm not the only one. From everyone's comments I'm not the only one who found BGT drying. I'm passing on this TSV. Looking to repurchase some fig. Glad they lowered S/H.
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Hi,. I tried the Mandarin Fig and it wasn't good at all. It dried my hair. Sent back the kit. 613 does nothing for me, the Bamboo Green Tea dried my hair also. I use the plain fig which is great. I also got the Honey Lilac which is wonderful.
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Boy do I wish I before ordering mandarins Ital fig Tsv. Now I know why fig is the only formula that doesn't make my hair so.dry and frizzy it cracks. It's the wheat. Lavender is drying but not.crazy like 613 bamboo and seasonal. Return tsv asap. Thanks! Hope qvc won't punish me for too many returns. No questions asked returns not true.
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I have very dry hair, very dry scalp, always..(not so dry hair now thanks to WEN) but the MIF has been the BEST thing yet on my hair...even more than SHL (which is great) ends are never dry, no frizz... I have mixed the 613 in with it also, and now I can see why Chaz paired them together...I think the honey in the MIF adds the moisture the BGT did not have when I tried that is great tho to hear how forumla's work on other's hair...Smiley Happy