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Hello Beauties, I use Skinn's Flawless Finish- regular not brightening veil.

 A few years ago I tried Mally's Face Defender.  I returned it because it  had little pieces of product on skin. Clear or whitish. 


I'd like to try it again.


Has anyone had this experience with Defender? Has it changed and may not do this?


Any yays or nays?



The demo I saw seemed to work like Skinn's; easy application, blurs.


Haute has Skinn on sale for $15 in the black compact and  for the pink one- $14 $21 with brush. I hate to wait 2-3 weeks though.


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I use the Face Defender every day for a long time.  If it's balling up on you, it may be because you're "wiping" it across your face.  I just blot it on the areas where I need it.  I don't need or use a lot of it.

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