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Mally's bulletproof products.

I have so much Mally products. And I noticed for me not a lot of the eye products or lip products especially last that long on me. with the exception of a few of them. I always look nice in the products they just don't wear on me as long as Mally claims. For example the shadow sticks crease on me so I have to be sure to check in the mirror to wipe up any crease lines that end up appearing. The liners either smear or disappear on me. Does not matter if I wear primer or not. figure oh well I really like the products and I have so much product anyways so I will just touch up as need be. My skin is not oily or anything. Then the other day I talked my daughter into trying to use a little of my Mally eyeliner. She absolutely hated it. Why you may ask because let me tell you that stuff wore like iron on her face. could not rub those eyes off she even had problems removing it with makeup remover and when she was done she still had signs of eyeliner on her eyes. I couldn't believe it. I toldl her not to worry the stuff would wash off easily and she said real easy mom thanks.