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Mally was on the Harry Connick Jr show yesterday, anyone see her?  She was giving tips and showing them on one of Harry's daughter's.  Harry was kind of freaking out Mally and embarrassing his daughter.

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Harry was so goofy and his daughter kept her cool! I was trying to imagine what their household must be like!

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I had the show on waiting to watch Mally but didn't make it that far.  I started channel surfing (again) as I find his show boring :/ and didn't check back.  


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I didn't even know he had a show.

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I find it hard to believe Harry has his own TV show.  I've only watched it a couple of times and it is boring!  Never watch it again. 

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I didn't know he had a show either. Wow, not Mally's usual kind of shows. I feel like she has really fell a long way from where she used to be. As long as she is happy and healthy though, that is all that really matters in the big scheme of things and I hope she is.

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I didn't know either, so the subject line gave me pause. Smiley Wink

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I didn't see it, but my mom loves that show and watches it every day. She told me that Mally was on there making up Harry's daughter. I often see Mally pop up on talk shows with her make up tips.

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I don't watch Harry either although when it first started I did check out a couple of his shows.  No I don't like his shows either, they are very willy nilly from start to finish, no real flow to them.


Purely surfing the chanels when I turned over and saw Mally, watched her for a minute or two then changed to something else pretty quickly.