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I am having such trouble with the new foundation that was in Mally's TSV.  It is so streaky and my pores look huge.  I need a long lasting foundation and sadly on me this is not long lasting at all.  My mid morning, my face looks so greasy.  I am so bummed.  I have tried using it with 3 different primers and using a different foundation brush.  Such a dissapointment- sadly I am going to return it.  The blush isn't that great and the brushes are not either.  I do like the shadow stick and the liner, but can't justify paying that much money for just a liner and shadow stick.  Is anyone else having this problem with the foundation?

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I just got mine yesterday, so I tried it for the first time today.  I'm a medium skin with green eyes and lightened blonde hair.  My body gets very tan in the summer from jogging outside, but I wear sunscreen on my face, so I need to wear makeup that is much darker than my natural coloring in order to get my face to match my body.  I ordered the tan shade, and the color is perfect for summer, but I think it would be too dark for the winter months when I'm much lighter.


I put on the foundation at 6:30 a.m. today, went jogging in 80+ degrees at lunch, and now at 4:00 p.m. my face still looks the same.  I never use a primer, just moisturizer. I'm older, so I'm not as oily as I used to be. This foundation actually looks more matte on me than others I've tried from Mally, Laura Geller, and IT.  Overall, I'm happy with it.


I really like the eyeliner a lot.  Since I'm in my sixties, liners just don't want to adhere to my skin anymore, but this one applied like a dream! The color is just dark enough to define my eyes the way I like.  The shadow is OK too because it's lighter (dark colors look awful on me).  I do wish the blush was darker though, it really doesn't show up on me very well.


I forgot to add that the mascara is just OK.  I still like the old one in the white tube the best because it gives me the biggest, longest lashes and sticks well to them (they are long, but thin).  

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I used it yesterday.  I did like the matte foundation, but it didn't feel shear like advertized.  The shadow was a nice color, but at the end of the day my lids were creased.  The liner applied easy, but it isn't black enough for me.  The mascara brush is HUGE (:-) ) so that if you put it up to your eye you couldn't even see your face!  IT Tightline is much better. The brushes were just OK, again IT's are much better. So I wrote a review, then looked to see others and it says "sold out" (which I don't believe).  So we are unable to see any reviews.  I hesitated returning used make up, but I couldn't justify keeping it.   

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The first day I tried mine using the Mally brushes, I also felt is was very streaky. I really loved the blush, gave a very dewy effect and I liked the eye products. But I wasn't sure what to do about the foundation, so I used the small compact sponge that came with it. I put a swipe on my forehead and two cheeks, then blended it with the tarte foundation brush. Looks amazing and blush works so well with this. This is the first Mally foundation I have liked. So for now I am really liking it. 


PS - I swear the tarte foundation brush can make almost any foundation work! 

for beauty products - I am 54, blue eye's, very fair. Skin is normal, but prone to eczema patches.
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Okay, this is only day two for me wearing this, but I am REALLY liking the products!!! I had been in a major foundation funk prior to this, and I honestly almost didn't open the foundation bc I was afraid I wouldn't like it. I did find out quickly you have to tap the brush on the mesh instead of swirling, in order to be able to pick up any product. I have dry skin, but it does get some shine during the day, most likely from the moisturizing products I apply. This foundation has a glow, but it's not shiny. It's almost like a satin or luminous matte, if that can even be a thing! Lol! I didn't set with powder yesterday's but set under eyes, chin, nose and between brows today with a light dusting of powder bc I used a different concealer instead of this product as foundation and concealer. It wears soooooooo well! Yesterday I put it on at 6:30, ran errands, had a massage, worked around the house, laid down for a quick nap, and at 6:00 I looked in the mirror, and it looked at about 90% of the look from the am. I was truly shocked. Also, it did not appear to have oxidized. I am fair, bought the fair, which is slightly yellow toned, but that doesn't bother me too much bc I am more neutral, but have some redness in the center of my face, so that helps to cancel it.


I love the blush. It's dewy and a perfect color for me, with good payoff.


I LOVE the shadow stick color. It definitely isn't gold toned on me. More taupe-grey-pewter. Beautiful. I put it on and some of Laura Mercier's African Violet in the crease yesterday, and my blue eyes looked so striking and popped (if I may say so myself! Smiley Wink ). I'm glad I put this on autodelivery.


I like the brushes. Not IT or a super high end brush, but still nice to have, and work well with the product, for me. 


I havent tried the mascara or liner. I don't wear super dark or black liners, so will pass to my mom and will sell or give away the mascara. I only wear one brand of mascara, have tried Mally in the past, and it doesn't work for me. That's fine, I knew it going in. 


Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised. I've bought VERY few beauty TSV's over the past several years, so I was pumped when this one was a winner for me!

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@FUTURE You and I are very similar.  I did a review of Mally's TSV the other day.  I wish my shadow stick looked more taupe/gray/pewter!  Lucky gal!  Enjoy your kit.  Out of curisoity, what made you purchase this TSV after not purchasing one for so long?  I was the same way.  

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@Stargazer77 wrote:

@FUTURE You and I are very similar.  I did a review of Mally's TSV the other day.  I wish my shadow stick looked more taupe/gray/pewter!  Lucky gal!  Enjoy your kit.  Out of curisoity, what made you purchase this TSV after not purchasing one for so long?  I was the same way.  

You know, @Stargazer77, I'm not sure! I think I was fed up with the foundation dilemma I was in, so figured I'd give it a shot, even though I don't think I've tried but one Mally foundation (and didn't like it -- it was a long time ago!). I love her shadow sticks, and I'm going through a blush phase right now, plus the brushes looked good. I guess I just got a wild hair, but I'm glad I went for it, because it's worked out well for me! Smiley Wink 

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I'm on the fence. 


I love the eye shadow - it's a beautiful soft warm taupe shade.

I love the eyeliner - but would have preferred dark brown. It goes on so smoothly.

I like the mascara - though I still prefer the white tube Volumizing, this isn't bad.


I don't like the blush - the color is so wrong for me. It's also a weird cream so I'm not sure why the brush (which was completely bent and unusable) is needed. 


I'm not sure about the foundation.  I got the Light and it is a good color match.  It took forever to get any product on the brush.  I thought maybe you had to pull the mesh off or something.  I kept swirling and swirling without getting anything on the brush.


I would like it more if it actually SET.  It stays tacky on me and so I have to use a loose power which destroys the finish and makes it feel and look "flat". I don't find when I first apply it that's it's shiny or dewy, it is a nice finish.  I just can't leave it like that because it stays "wet" on my face and I'm on the dry side.  The brush is OK though, better than the blush brush.  It is easy to apply, and the coverage is decent.


I have to try it for awhile longer before I decide.  I wish I could just keep the eye products.



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Like @RainyDayGal - I'm on the fence.


Today is the second day of wearing it for me. I KNOW the products aren't the same, and the quality does not seem as good, but I still keep hoping.


When it first goes on, I look great! The foundation is OK. I also got the new concealer, so after I put that on, I go over it with the foundation again.


The blush is OK but not spectacular.


The shadow stick color is wonderful and I love it, but it doesn't stay on long.


The liner and  mascara are OK. The liner can't compare to her Starlight ones. 


I don't like the brushes at all, although I am trying to give them a chance. Again, there is no comparison to her older ones, especially the shiny pink handled ones. 


After having it on since morning, when I look in the mirror around 4 or 5 my eye makeup is gone. I became a huge Mally-nista in the first place because just the opposite was true! Smiley Sad


This is the second Mally product (I'm counting the kit as a product) I've thought about sending back - and I NEVER send makeup back. I decided to keep the first one because I like her primer and her new version of Face Defender, although too dark for me, is OK if I brush it on lightly. 


I'm giving it a few more days until I decide. Smiley Frustrated

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Poor @beach-mom I know you keep trying and you just keep hoping the products will go back to being as good as they were. Smiley Sad So disappointing, I am sure.