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I absolutely love her Defender BB foundation. I have tried so many foundations of all kinds and all brands and so far this is by far my favorite, next would be BE serum foundation but Mally's Defender can't be beat at least for me anyway, love this stuff and doesn't take much at all. I don't use her brush though, use my Real Techniques expert face brush,works great.

Speaking of Mally, she will be in my local Ulta this week, today I think?

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I read on Google that she had to file for bankruptcy. I posted question about where has Malley been? Especially this time of year she comes out with some awesome new things & gift sets to my surprise one person mentioned she was in bankruptcy. Then a few more people said the same thing. It's my nature to check things out & unfortunately it's true. If you go to Malley  their is a list of where you can still buy her products among them were Ultra, QVC, Amazon & a couple of other stores. I imagine she probably has to sell all her inventory to help pay down her debt. I believe that Malley will be able to get through this in time, & she's smart enough to work her way back 1step at a time. Right now she & her family are in my thoughts & prayers & that financially they are okay. I just love Malley & her family.  I think that if there is any make- up you like or are in need of go to the places I mentioned because when there gone. There gone! I was lucky enough that I stocked up on all her stuff every time she came on. I do love her make-up & hope she makes it back.


Dog lover I did see the products you love on one of the websites Listed out above. If you have the opportunity to meet her at Ultra you should go. She is so warm & professional. I loved the way she used to teach us how to apply the make-up she probably will at Ulta.





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Beaches, I tried, place was so crowded I couldn't get close enough to talk to her but did see her, lovely. I could hear her and she is as bubbly as she is on QVC. The place was packed and I do mean packed.

Her defender BB foundation is great, takes just a  very little bit on the top of my real techniques expert face brush than lasts till I wash it off 12 to 14 hours later.

I also like her brow pencil, one that is like a regular pencil, comes as a duo for $18 but also love the one that looks and feels like a crayon which I use when in  a hurry.


What I don't like about her website is shipping is $12.50 unless you spend $50 which I don't. I do wish Ulta would carry more of her things. Luckily they do carry the Defender but not either of the brow products I prefer.

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I'm watching the Mally beauty show , I do have HD TV, but the models look so made up today. I can see every line, wrinkle and imperfection, even on the young models.To my eyes they look almost clownish and those eyebrows! I think you can use too much product.