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Makeup advice for mid-50's, please!

Help! I need suggestions! I am in my mid-50's, have always had oily T-zone, large pores, congested skin. I've been using BE makeup for five or six years, and until now that has worked for me. Now I'm starting to see it collect in the fine lines and my skin looking dry. Wondering if I should switch makeup, or change moisturizer, or just put a bag over my head!

Morning routine is Phil MDW, WHINE serum with Booster C powder, Smashbox adjust primer, IT Bye-Bye Undereye, BE makeup. Sometimes I add IT Bye-Bye Pores. Evening I use Purity cleanser and Phil Help Me.

Have any of you used Phil The Supernatural powder makeup? Would that be better than BE? I'm looking for coverage, but with a natural look. Don't want to look or feel as if I'm wearing a mask.