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I got a sample card of this recently and applied it today. First I'm I've used anything other than a skin tint or a powder foundation in months.  It's very creamy and rich and applied that way too.  I was worried it wasn't going to dry down.  Still a little tacky when I dusted on some powder with a fluffy powder brush but it's fine now.  I'm sitting in a chilled house with a breeze and cold coffee so it hasn't gotten a good workout yet.  It doesn't feel heavy or thick on my face but it did going on.  Again, that could be from wearing lighter skin tints lately.  I'll let  you know how it holds up this evening with cooking and chores.  Anyone else use it?  The color I have on is Y225 for light skin with golden undertones.  It doesn't seem too dark or yellow.  I'm surprised since the chart shows that I would wear Y315 lighter med with neutral undertones.  Very little difference between the two tho.