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               I didn’t realize some of them had been with QVC as long as 10 or 15 years.  I was looking online and found a poster’s updates and images of some of the models.


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They are beautiful women, but so are we girlfriends!!   We are all ageing gracefully together.

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After checking out those pictures I must say they all have aged, but so what, they look good and I assume are healthy. The petite model Sam has the most beautiful face and sexy shape, I'd love to see how she ages.

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I think Suzanne is so classically beautiful...and no, she doesn't seem to have aged since I first saw her on the Q!  

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I was just thinking about how some of them don't appear to be aging at all. Suzanne is one of them. She appears to look exactly the same as she did years ago. How do they do it??!!



@SilleeMee  I agree. Tight shots of Chantal (gorgeous skin), show no wrinkles/bags under eyes, turkey neck, etc. She’s been on QVC for over 15 yrs.? Just observing it can’t be ALL great skincare. They must have procedures done in their off time. It’s necessary in their profession. Joanne w/ Nick Chavez on Beauty Day even had a little extra “sparkle”, clearer, brighter skin....not the lighting.

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I was thinking that about Suzanne too.   She said once she has an adult son and uses Algenist reconstructive serum every day.  Although I know they probably say they use whatever is on the air at that time.     

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I believe that surgery is a common option. Brooke, for example.
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@StylishLady wrote:

They all look pretty good in the longer distance shots and poses. When you get up close with things like jewelry, you can see the imperfections, like is mentioned in the posts about HD-TV. I thought I detected a scar on Kate's face, right upper lip. I took this screen shot. Maybe I'm "seeing" things. 


@StylishLady well then I am "seeing" things too.  I have seen the scar you are talking about.

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Good to know I'm not seeing something that isn't there. It's a bit ironic that DH has a similar scar, although I doubt if she got hers in an altercation like he did. 

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Don't forget they are wearing a lot of makeup for TV. Of course they are aging like everyone else why wouldn't they?