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Although their color system is confusing, once you find your correct shade, you'll be pleased with their foundations.  If possible, try to go in person for assistance.  

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I actually watched a good portion of this show.  I am not interested in a new foundation, but for some reason the show held my interest.  First, the foundation color choice certainly seemed "wrong" or at lest not the usual.  I think I would just look at the model pictures and go from there. Anyway, I finally turned off when Shawn just wouldn't give the rep a chance to finish a thought or sentence.  She would give her a question, but never the time to answer........don't care how many have been ordered!!  I think the rep was embarrassed when Shawn kept saying how plump her (the vendors) lips were........obviously filled, not the lip product.  


One last observation and maybe why I watched the show.....this was the best Shawn has looked.  Her foundation color was spot on.  Usually she looks dark orange.  She looked natural and pretty.

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