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Lumify eye drops

I was contemplating buying these as I suffer with red eyes all my life and have always used Visine. Sometimes it doesn't cut it, sometimes it does, depends on the day and conditions.  So I looked at these and read reviews and they are very mixed. Some love it, some complain of side effects. Just wondering anyone here has tried it and what do you think.

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Re: Lumify eye drops

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I’ve been using Lumify for several months. I only use it 1-2 times a week. I do notice that my eyes feel dryer when I use the drops. My Opthalmologist says they are safe and my sclera is noticeably whiter compared to drops like Visine.

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Re: Lumify eye drops

I love them!   I finally have found the cure for red eyes and for ONCE in my life I do not look "sickly" or "hungover".  Try them!

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Re: Lumify eye drops

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I have not tried them. I do have dry eyes & use lubricating drops here & there. My eyes are always red & itchy.

I use Patanol eye drops every once in a while when I need it.

It's the only eye drop I have used that actually make my eyes feel better without the burning.

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Re: Lumify eye drops

My daughter and I love them!!!They work! Expensive, but they do work. I don't use mine everyday though, and have had no side effects. I do suffer from Dry Eye, so only use them when my eyes are really red/or tired.


They are expensive, and only last for 8 hours, and if you aren't going to use them daily, I would say they are worth it!

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Re: Lumify eye drops

I'm going to try it! I have chronic red eyes and I look stoned half the time...LOL! Woman LOL

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Re: Lumify eye drops

i wondered too since this looks so great in the ads. when i read reviews online i decided not to try.  but some might have good luck with this!

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Re: Lumify eye drops

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@Nightowlz, are the Patanol eye drops available otc? If so, what is the brand name? I have used almost all of the otc dry eye treatments, with minimal success.


My primary care dr. gave me samples of Xiidra drops and they are wonderful, but ultra-expensive even with my supplementary insurance drug plan. I have saved the last three vials for special occasions, but cannot afford the prescription.


I use Lumify only if I think my eyes will be scrutinized up close in a social situation. As another poster said, they can be a bit drying; whitening, yes.

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Re: Lumify eye drops



I have been using Lumify for about 4 months:  no burning as with Visine;  works very quickly; no noticeable side effects; whites are white and stay that way the whole day.  ( Tried all the non-Visine results, except wasted money and time )


WalMart has all prices that I have seen.


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Re: Lumify eye drops

Another fan of Lumify!!!



I would give this 10 stars, that's how much I love this stuff!!!



I don't use it every day, but when I do, WOW!!!!



My whites are really white, and stay that way for at least eight hours!



I tried Visene, and others, and they didn't do squat for me, this does!!!

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