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On 2/18/2015 MissKlynn said:

OK interesting HD. I don't think I'd ever use 65,000 though! Maybe if you're sharing with someone else?! It took about 2500 pulses for the bottom half of my legs with the Silk'n. I guess I feel better about my $200 purchase now which came with 3 cartridges in that price, and I've seen replacements on sale for $25. I think I'll only need 1 more to finish my underarms.

I just looked at the pictures of the LumaRx and although the window is a decent size it does seem smaller than the Silk'n I have... hard to tell but to me it looks like the Silk'n is double the size? I'll have to go watch the demo.

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal System for Face & Body

Image result for silk'n sensepil Image result for silk'n sensepil

For what it's worth, the skin tone sensor is built into the handheld portion of the device too on the Silk'n. I saw in the demo for the LumaRX the girl was holding up the huge base to her face... why would they put the skin sensor on there!?

Must be it isn't selling as they are doing OTO's now.

hmm, I responded to you but it is MIA.

So I had said that the lady did say that many pulses would probably never be reached unless you shared it. She also did not say how much the replacement cartridges would be.

I actually thought that it was stupid that they put the skin detector on that big ol' base because can you imagine trying to test the skin in the woohoo area?? {#emotions_dlg.scared}{#emotions_dlg.laugh} How would that work?? lol! The other hair removal system QVC had (not the Tria) supposedly treated all hair and skin types, even blonde and gray hair. Interestingly enough it is no longer offered, just this new brand.

Did you say the one you use is still being offered?

The other thing I think was odd is that they said their system filters out the UVA/UVB rays but I noticed every single person's b/a had darker skin after using this system. Now perhaps they just get more sun with less hair? It just made me nervous to see that, as I would hate to use a hair removal system but get skin damage in return! {#emotions_dlg.bored} I also thought it was weird that they said not to use it in areas where you have tattoos. I wonder why? Does it fade the tattoos? And if so, why?

LOL, anyway, just thinking out loud here. Smile

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I have heard that using it on tattoos would cause extreme discomfort.

Because tattoos are dark, the light senses it and OUCH!

I have read of people who got one of these devices near a tattoo and it was extremely painful.

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On 2/18/2015 hyacinth003 said:
On 2/17/2015 F1wilder said:

You could get things done professionally for that amount. I did a quick online search and although I see this device, I can't find any reviews. I'd wait.

Nope, not true!

I paid $800 for a package of 5 treatments at a plastic surgeon's office. That was just for ONE area of the body.

No way is this device MORE expensive than to have it done professionally.

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Wow! After lymph node removal I was told not to shave underarms. After going against the rules a few times and ending up in the hospital I decided to have professional laser hair removal. I had underarms, legs and bikini and it didn't come close to your number, combined. Pricing must vary quite a bit based on geographical area. Maybe higher demand here in the SW where shorts are worn almost all year round?

BTW, it was the best thing I've ever done. I haven't shaved since 2000-ish!

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