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Lotions/Potions and Serums - HELP

I will try and keep this brief and not as complicated as it has become. I am 51 years young. Always had good skin, never wore much makeup, always drink gallons of water everyday for the past 30 years (so I am very much hydrated from the inside out - also I AM A LICENSED Nutrionist so I have 500 hours under my belt and know a bit of what I am saying).

Problem: I only use natural/organic products - which is fine. I have on occasion strayed and got caught up on the Dr. D, PTR, etc - but can't stand the chemicals so after a day or two I send them back.

But no matter what I use - nothing seems to penetrated my skin - all sits on top (kinda like I am hydrated enough and my skin does not need it?)

So I have used the Clarisonic (which I hated and it broke capillaries on my nose) - I use the Nutrisonic a few times a week (don't necessary like it - or any sonic devices). What I do everyday is use Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash in the Evening and then Philosophy Purity (the foaming cleanser that has less chemicals) in the morning...then I apply whatever I am trying to get to sink into my skin.

For example: 100% Pure - I use moisturizer - sites on top of my skin. I use a serum - sites on top of my skin. I do not have enlarged pours. I do not have dry or oily skin. I am using products to keep up with the very fine lines around my eyes (which are minimal) but more for the lines around my mouth (probably from wraping my lips around all the water bottles for the last 30 years!).

I have had this problem since I first started to "fix my skin" on and off since I hit 40.

I just don't get why I have clean skin (oh yes I have even done the Exfolikate routine for a month or two) and nothing will penetrated into my skin?

Just one of those things that bug me and wonder if it is me...or does anybody else have this problem and/or have found some resolution.

Thanks in advance for any clarity.......

Now onto solving the World's real problems!

Have a wonderful day...and a Happy Belated New Year's to Everybody.