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On 10/6/2014 bunjetto said:

Her tops all look the same to me

It's the same top just change the hem and BAM it's fresh and chic.

She is the one top wonder.

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Logo looks great on the tall, thin models only. So how many folks fit that? Anyone else shor or tall and dumpy.
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I'm with you Irish26. Her designs are so sloppy and bag lady looking. I will never understand how any woman wants to wear her line. Everything is so unattractive. I wouldn't even wear them around the house.

She is supposedly a ""stylist"" not a designer. Lisa attended a formal function in NYC with her a year or two ago. Lori dressed like a clown.

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On 10/6/2014 granny me said:

Sooner or later she will be gone. Look how many other vendors they have burned us out on to one day never be seen again; I am thinking B Makowski right now.

If people like these ragamuffin looks it's nothing to me, but sooner or later they will realize it's over.

Makowski is a different story. Yes, the Q had him on a lot I hear. But he sold his company, as did Kathy Van Zeeland, his wife. They sold it to a large foreign chain. BMakowski promoted the handbags for a year or so before he left, long after he didn't actually own the company.

That is why he isn't out there hawking stuff like he was

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On 10/6/2014 brii said:
On 10/6/2014 brii said:

Why is this even in Beauty. Enough with the LOGO threads.

They're all over ever forum. I don't even have to open them up.

There are a couple of posters going from thread to thread saying the same thing. Who has time for all of that?

Yeah, I'm checking out early for the night. There's no point in hanging out here, reading all the repetitive threads that say the exact same thing.

I'm indifferent towards LOGO, don't have any strong feelings one way or the other. That being said, I just simply can't understand why this one line has so many separate threads across numerous boards, none of which are original or being anything but redundant. {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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I love Lori's tops, have about a dozen of them & just ordered 5 new ones yesterday & today. I've bought some that did not work for me and I sent them back but most of them are in styles that I like. Now I do think they are over priced but she came out with the flirty hem made of different material way before I saw similar styles in any department store. So I do think she is ahead of the fashion curve in a lot of ways. I've shopped at Macy's and Nordstroms and haven't found a whole lot that I like so this past year, Lori's tops were about the only brand that I bought this year. But I have to say that it irks me when people make blanket statements just because they don't like something. Maybe you don't but maybe there are a bunch of us that do like her style. You can't just assume that just because you don't like something, that no one else does either. We'd all be robots if that were the case.

QVC lost a lot of my posts too!
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I have a few tops that are more relaxed, the earlier tops that she has sold on the Q. In regards to the TSV, I ordered and then I cancelled b/c I know that the backside of the top would not flatter me. I looked on Fashion Talk and there are several threads if anyone is interested.

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On 10/6/2014 brii said:

Why is this even in Beauty. Enough with the LOGO threads.

Exactly my thoughts. I guess because her hair color is even a problem!

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I tried s couple of tops the last one a layered tank and short sleeve top in mid summer but found the quality not very good. Rayon seems to have cheapened the fabrics and they pill and don't wash up well for me at all and I am not generally hard on my clothing. I am done and for the price expected better!

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On 10/6/2014 irish26 said:

I had never given my opinion before Jackielee, but it is my opinion and I have a right to express it. Sorry, you find it unsettling.

Irish, I have absolutely NO objection ever to seeing someone's opinion. When you are telling me "it's sloppy and unfinished" you are, in effect, excluding MY opinion. I am interested in everyone's opinion, and I do not own ANY LG, because for my body shape, most of the pieces are too flowy/long. Since I have no dog in the fight please understand that it is not your message that I find objectionable, but rather the way you choose to convey your message.