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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special

It looks like a beautiful neutral pallet, but I am not buying today. I have way too many eye shadow pallets that have similar shades.

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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special

This one was always on my list of ones I wanted to try.  But, I just have way too many eyeshadow palettes so I am passing.  And truth be told, no matter the palette, my eyes always look the same. 


Pretty palette and good price.

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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special

This is an easy pass for me.

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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special

@Classylady. I went to ULTA to check out the palette. The shadows look like they're in the brownish/pink family..rose gold, beiges, taupes..all have a pinkish tone to them.


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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special


I may have misunderstood (for scheduling) that Trish M. was to be on as another kit with hopeful some different buys that I've not used, but instead saw the Lorac.

 I know a little about Lorac, as for foundations which is a sensitive skin formula.


I do believe that Lorac 'is- was' a better quality product, but the __as seen palette__ would not be for me.

All of the shades are too light and has not one shade for an intense eye contour which I always use in emerald greens and soft darken grays.


 I do (think) see a darker brown but neither the host or vendor is showing OR DESCRIBING EACH SHADES coming in close; too much about the mascara. I have no use for the very light lipstick ...{have no idea 'if' a soft pink or bright beige). Too many neutrals!


I usually go -and- hand select my shades, then 'they' create a palette for what I want.

All that I have seen from 30 minutes ago is this man dabbing a cream color in the center of the model's eye, then again, we are hearing more about the mascara.


I would believe this would be eye candy for someone in their teens to maybe late 20s, or OLDER... not anything that interesting, but THAT'S IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION for self.


This is a nice price and convenient for those whom many not be able to go counter shopping.

I know that there is always 3 shades I can use from any mally or (sometimes LG's).

Does anyone know when the Trish M... will be on? Thank you for reading. My schedule (very rarely checked) I though was to be something else.


 Passing this completely. "Also, do not enjoy any male make- (?)up artist applying eye artisan, when the model does a much better job with ease".


Dabbing is not applying eye shades on ```over & over in the center of eye and barely touching with product on brush the lightest shade at the corner of eye.

I see very little difference. mmmhhhhhhh? 

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Re: Lorac Unzipped Today's Special

@Classylady wrote:

It's the Today's Special resale on HSN.  I just went and looked at it.  I've not used this brand either.


I tried to get a close up of the shadow shades and they all look like they are in the brown category.   I can't wear brown and tans around my eyes.  Makes them look tired.


If anyone knows, I'd appreciate a reply.


Thanks ladies and have a fabulous day.



You are very observant! Too many lights to BROWNS......


 This is Lorac's 1st Today Special, if I heard correctly. A quality line with great pigment, but definitely not in the middle to intense shades. Actually, I was there 1 time thinking Trish M.'s was to be on. 

Reading from another poster, the display is possibly the same as before. I have no idea. 

   " We do agree on the browns, though". 




...... Maybe another time, soon?