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Re: Looking for a "Great Face Mask"

Smiley Embarassed I totally love masks.  Current masks include Skinn Vacumm Mask & watermelon mask, a Dr. Denise retinol mask, Peter Thomas Roth (got a kit with three types of masks) and Borghese mud masks.   AHHHHHHH, mask heaven!  I started mixing my own masks as a teenager.


I do not find the masks give "longterm" results but they do give me a nice temporary glow or quick pick-me-up.  


Could I get good skincare results without the masks?  Of course, I use good skincare, eat skin friendly food and take supplements and alway use sunscreen - but I actually find masking relaxing and they are a bit of a treat for me.  I look for deals and would not spend a fortune on masking however . . .   



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Re: Looking for a "Great Face Mask"

I like a mask now and then.     I recently picked up the L'oreal red mask.  It has such a strong perfume smell that I can't stand it.   

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Re: Looking for a "Great Face Mask"

Last night I went to sleep with my Isomers Copper Rich Mask  and this morning my face feels lifted and firm! I love this mask!  Heart

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Re: Looking for a "Great Face Mask"

.I have tried this one . I like it. I just sent away for the new apple cider vinegar one , freeman makes good masks