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Looking for a good Copper cream, Maybe firming Cream? or Retinol ?

Hi everyone,

I used to use a Copper Cream (when my skin was oiler, its combo/dry now). I used to order it from the southern channel and it actually made my skin look firmer and balanced the oil. Then I lost track of it and then found out it has parabens in it, so I want to stay away from it for now.

Is there any recommendations any of you beauties have had success with. I've tried a couple of lines Dr.P and out of all the TSV kits I'ved decided to streamed down to his FFM and C-Ester serum as Keepers. I Use Philo. Purity as a cleanser for makeup days - my skin likes it, so thats a keeper too. Dr. Denese doesnt agree with my skin at all so no - go with her line.

I might want to try the Neutrogena Dermatologics line at the Q - any users there?

I think I Really need a Firming cream as it seems my cheeks are sagging alittle - seems I am the only one who notices this LOL, oh and I am 44 y/o and use nothing else but what I mentioned.

Thanks Ladies for your Suggestions and Experience sharing !