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@mintedrose  I've tried Mally and LG and they have no staying power at all.  My favorites are Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil (huge color selection) or Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer.  The Rimmel is fantastic for only $4. and stays on, even on the water line.  Just be sure to get the waterproof, retractable Eye Definer, not the Exaggerate Smoke and Shine (non- retractable) which is no where as good.  


I've also tried the drugstore NYX retractable but I prefer the Rimmel because the pencil is slightly thinner and it really stays put until you take it off.

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@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

Have you ever thought about using powdered eyeshadow, applied with a thin flat angled brush?  

I’m no expert, but I’m thinking any kind of powder wouldn’t work well or feel very good on the inner water line. 🤷‍♀️

I do it all the time without any problem.  My flat brush is very thin and flat.  I just touch the shadow and then touch where I want it applied, no actual stroking.  I use the same method for tightlining the upper lid only I use a straight brush rather than an angled one.  The angled, IMO, works better for the bottom because it allows you to see better.



Thanks for sharing that. I am a makeup artist myself and have done some work before and that is one of the tricks of the trade. Of course, I have tried that and although its supposed to give you some staying power however, with the eyeliners that im using it doesnt do anything. LG eyeliners are worse than anything that ive ever used. dont ever buy them. 

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I swear by Bobbi Brown eye liner gel. Works for me. 

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Wildapple..Love Mally but her "BulletProof" eyeliners did not work for me.  They disappeared or smeared within an hour.  And I was using UD primer on my eyelids.

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Mally's didn't last on me either.  The corners of my eyes were smudged in the morning by the time I got to work.  Ended up returning them.

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@Harvard99  ITA with regard to Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencils.  They are Fabulous!  There are other good liners out there, but keeping my list to one product this would be where I would send someone to buy an eyeliner.  That said, if $18 is more than your budget allows, NYX Retractable Eyeliner is terrific and only $5.



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Not so much Urban Decay 24/7 glide on liners. I haven't found them that great. For waterline, Sephora's own brand of liner works great. Lasts, easy to use, cost ~$12.00.

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@San Antonio @mintedrose  I also purchased and had  to return the Laura Geller kajal eyeliners.

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I don't do my waterline but Laura Geller's INKED liners stay on something crazy.  The day I received them, I wanted to see the colors so I swiped them all on the back of my hand. 


I went into the bathroom and ran my hand under water and rubbed.  The eyeliners didn't budge.  I had a wet washcloth sitting there so I picked it up and started rubbing the eyeliners didn't budge.  I had to get a cleanser then scrub with the washcloth to get the liners off the back of my hand.


Unfortunately, the eyeliners make my eyes itch something crazy so I'm going to have to return them which bums me out because the colors are beautiful.



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Tarte's Maneater Self-Sharpening Eye Pencil - EXTREMELY waterproof and equally comfortable on the waterline.

I use this as opposed to Mally's because I find it to be a truer black and even though it is as waterproof it is easier BY FAR to remove than Mally's for some reason.


But most importantly, I only use it for tightlining my upper lash/inner rim area and it DOES NOT TRANSFER TO THE BOTTOM INNER RIM - Very Important!  Mally's will not achieve this for you.


tarte Maneater Self-Sharpening Liner - A358190