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I only have the white one from the set and I love it.  It takes 2 coats, though.  I didn't like 1 coat.  Goes on so easily and the key thing -- dries super fast.  Then I put a top coat on.  

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I now only use pale shades of polish.   I am 70 and my hands are not as nice as they used to be and dark polish only make them look garish.  Also,  I do my own nails and so much easier to use light colors rather than dark.  These concealers are great in my opinion and the TS was a great deal.

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I like the polishes as I like pale/nude shades. Also it doesn’t show chips like darker shades. Tried them but need to see how they perform with a base coat and top coat.
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@JudyL I use and swear by Londontown nail polishes. I did NOT order the TS because of how sheer they are and I don't care for the opalescent finish. The nail veils are a different story; LOVE them for daily wear as they offer a polished/elegant look to the nail especially in a professional setting. For a special occasion and daily toe-nail-wear, I use their traditional polish. 


If you're not happy with them, definitely send them back. If you haven't tried the Nail Veils, you may want to as they really are a great product. Smiley Happy

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I actually like it alot. I can just throw on a coat after I file and it makes my nails look well manicured. I saved myself tons of money and stopped going to the nail salon who's prices are outrageous lately. I keep my toenails clipped and filed and I save myself money all around. Sorry you don't like it. 

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I have to say that my husband does not like "nude" makeup or nail colors so he took one look at these and voiced his opinion!  I put a color on each nail and he thought my nails looked healthy and pretty.  What he doesn't like and neither do I are opaque "nude" colors and none of these are. Very pretty, natural finish.

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Re: Londontown TS from HSN

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I got the TS and I love it.  I prefer color that's more neutral to my nails.  It's an excellent concealer and leaves a beautiful glaze effect.  


I used two coats and they look like day one that I applied it -- it's day 8.

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@Caaareful Shopper @FiddleDeeDee and all the others who posted they liked the TS, I decided to give it another try.  Today I put on the deepest shade and liked it a lot!  So will give the others another shot before returning.  Thank you to all who posted!

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from the set-the white one, 2 light coats. Just so you can see in real life


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