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Lines, lines, everywhere a line!! Upper Lip, eyebrows, undereye and 11's!!

Ugh I am so discouraged. Never knew I would not age gracefully. LOL

I bought a new magnifying mirror and am horrified at what I am seeing. I use good products, though skip around a lot. I always had one large lip line on the left side of my upper lip and one huge vertical line on my right eyebrow. When looking in this mirror the lips lines are horrifying and now two vertical lines, down thru the center of each eyebrow. (what's with that anyway!) My 11's on my forehead are getting deeper as well and my under eye area far more wrinkled than I even knew.

I have been using a Clarisonic and Purity cleanser for at least two years. Most recently using Alpha Hydrox souffle a few times a week, Dr. Denese firming pads and HIAJ day and night moisturizers. (I don't think they are effective, bought the TSV and love the application but results minimal). I have JM Argon oil but don't use it often but should I guess.

Firstly I need a great eye cream for deep lines and then a great serum and moisturizer and help with those other lines I mentioned. (I am 58, quit smoking 12 years ago and spent way too much time in the sun.) Calling on the big guns!

Please help me with a new and effective regimen. So many choices out there but I need results.