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On 7/11/2014 tucsongal said:
On 7/11/2014 suzeecat said:

What would be the advantage of this over those personal trimmers (battery powered) they sell everywhere? It seems like the little power shavers would be safer. I can usually find them for around $10 and they seem to last forever. I just didn't see anything all that new or groundbreaking about this Brow Shaper.

I have trouble getting all the little hairs underneath my brows because I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally shave off part of the brow. I'm hoping this will provide a little more control.

Yes, this is also my interest. Worth a try for 15 for two and free s&h.

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Received mine yesterday and used it right away. I didn't purchase it to clean up my browline; I wanted it for my neckline. In the summer, I wear my hair up a lot and prefer to have the hair on my neck removed. I do use a razor but am always nervous about getting too close so I don't do a good job. This worked perfectly.

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