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At Chrismastime I bought the Downtown NY Eyeshadow Palettte at Kohls and iti was made in Italy. I am sorry to hear that she is producing in China. I will be sure to check the labels before I purchase anything else.

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@FLady wrote:

@FLady  Geesh, that list is so disappointing! ☹️  There are a couple brands on there that I really like. 

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I've used & loved Geller products for years, still have some blushes & eyeshadows left that were baked in Italy and have lasted over 5 years.  Now I'm trying to use only CLEAN products and read LG's ingredients for her baked items, they're full of Talc (not healthy).  I heard she sold her line.  Regardless, Laura is a true cosmetic SuperStar and I learn a lot about makeup application from her; she taught me to use Primer.  


Now I'm refusing to buy ANYTHING made in China.  I believe that the U.S. citizens need the jobs that other countries' workers are doing for much less cost.  Our national economy is in big trouble and people NEED JOBS.  It's up to us consumers to Stop Buying Foreign-Made products and we can make a difference (but what would we do without all our Apple products???).  MONEY TALKS.

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I’d rather pay a little more and buy less to keep items clean and cruelty-free. China is a big reason companies aren’t cruelty-free as they require animal testing prior to selling in China. Once these independent companies sell to the big ones, everything changes.
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@ALRATIBA wrote:
There’s something about Geller that is a real turn-off for me. Just can’t watch her.

@ALRATIBA  I agree.  I used to buy a lot of her stuff but lately when I see her it's like she doesn't care what she looks like.  I hate to say this but she's a mess.  Once she sold the company she seems to not care.  I follow here on SM also and it's the same.  She's just a few years older than me and if that's how here make  up looks on her it's not for me.