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I also enjoy watching Laura and listening to her tips about make-up still although I don't order from her. I did previously, tried everything, and it isn't for me, and I understand many love her products.

I didn't return anything I tried from Laura except for her Spackle. I've used Mally, Smashbox and Skinn primers and they worked better for me.

I've learned to avoid powders, and creams are better for my skin. I'm now using Eve Pearl foundation, which I've read many do not like at all. So, that's the way it goes: "one man's feast is another man's famine."

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I have used the Spackle primer for several years and love it.  MY make up just glides on.  No pulling or tugging.  Very unfair of the OP to come on and post that it's junk just because she didn't like it.  There are a lot of beauty products sold that I tried that I did not like.  DOesn't mean they are junk!

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LG Baked Elements Powder !! Best for my 58 yr old skin!!
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I love Laura's products. Her Pink Grapefruit Blush & Brighten was one of the first two beauty products I ordered from QVC, and I still have it as my HG. It looks so good on me! I wear Champagne Spackle every day. 


I drove 2 hours last spring to meet Laura. I don't get many Saturdays to myself, and this was one of the best. She is so sweet in person. One of her team gave us a talk, then Laura came in. When it was my turn to talk to her, I was so excited all I could do is tell her how much I loved her products! I should have asked her advice. But I enjoyed our meeting. She is down-to-earth and will talk to you about anything! Smiley Happy

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Re: Laura Geller

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@Makeup Addict wrote:

Primers don't work with my skin, but you ,any want to try her eyeshadows and liners. They are wonderful. I also like her highlighters and gelato blushes. Don't judge a whole  line based on one product; you could be shirt changing yourself out of great products. Smiley Happy

This is so true.  I've never used her primer, not a fan of Balance n Brighten, but there's certainly some real gems in Laura's line. That golden gelato highlighter compliments my skin like nothing else. I love her blush n brightens, but probably own all that are complimentary to my skintone, so I'm set.  A nicer lady and finer teacher of makeup tips you'd be hard-pressed to find.  A real class act.  She's a facebook friend and never fails to send me that once-a-year happy birthday wish... or leave a sweet comment on one of my wall posts.  Laura has some wonderful newer powders and you never know what she'll come out with next.  In fact I need to buy a back up gelato highlighter & will shop around at Ulta soon.  She's a delightful person.  I  trust she's honest with her clients & values them beyond the Holy Buck.