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Have purchased many things from QVC - first time ordering laura Geller will never order again ! ordered the Moisturizing under makeup primer Smiley Happy what a joke such junk! it's like water doesn't even go on smooth or feel good. Will never order her Cosmetics again! To tell you all the truth Smiley Happy This is much better than hers it's called Elf cosmetics there line is awesome and there primer is great and feels like primer. Laura Gellers primer is horrible - like putting water on your face , doesn't fill anything in.Its the Spakle hydrating primer - don't buy it a waste of money go buy "Elf"at  Target or Walmart. I'am 56 years old with decent skin and have 

always used good - decent cosmetics all my life so this was a surprise to me she would make such junk and sell this on QVC!!!

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When I check my online program guide it has a Mally Show down for this time frame.  ??

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Not everything works for everyone.  To say her items are junk because they don't work for you isn't really fair. 

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I have used LG for7+ years and have never had a problem with any of her products.  I use the primer on top of my moisturizer everyday even when I don't use foundation .  It has never been watery.  I feel if it can keep my skin from "eating" my make up it will protect it from  the elements outside.  I have used many brands in my 72 years and hers is the best and by far not the most expensive.  Something is working because people do not believe my age.

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Laura Geller has a huge line, and many of the products are fabulous. I would not write off the entire line because of one miss. I have run into Laura in NYC and she is a very beautiful human being and loves and appreciates her customers. Happy New Year!

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Re: Laura Geller

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Her spackle doesn't work for me either, but I absolutely love her blushes, eye shadows, eye rymz, and mascaras.  Just because one product doesn't work for you, don't write off the whole line.

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I have had mixed results with Laura Geller products but it seems to be based on how dry my skin is at any time and what I use to wash my face. If my skin is properly hydrated, her products work great, if not, then I can't use it. 


Unrelated question. Who is the woman who presents Laura Geller when Laura is not on QVC ? The one with very little hair?

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I'm glad you're happy elsewhere even though I won't be taking your advice. Maybe if you'd be even slightly aware different people have different reactions to all kinds of products, I could have taken your suggestions more seriously.

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@codyray I used spackle for years and really liked it.  I found Skinn orchid gel which I like a little bit better though, but know spackle is a very good product.  Nothing works for everyone!! So it didn't work for you - but to run and post it's junk and a joke and tell others not to waste their money and then tell them that they should buy only what you like is ridiculous!!

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@codyray I have used Laura Geller products for many years and the ones I use are excellent.  They may not work for you, but they do for me.  Mind you, I don't use just one line of cosmetics across the board, I use different brands to do different jobs.  LG's Matte Primer works beautifully for me in the summer because I have very oily skin. Now in colder months I use Estee Lauder matte primer because it has a lighter hand to it. 


You seem to have posted here more to advertise for Elf products than to really give a fair review. Hmmmm.