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Laura Geller Spackle Concealer

I clicked past QVC a couple of nights ago and saw a presentation for Laura Geller's Spackle Concealer.  I believe the product had aired on Q before, but that's not important here.  I received an email from Laura's website when the product came out and looked at it, but passed on ordering.  It is a product I placed on my list to consider next time I was shopping for a concealer, so I did check out whether there might be a good color for me in the offerings. Spackle concealer is made in ten shades, yet once again QVC sees fit to offer their customers only select shades.  In this case even if I wanted to order from QVC the color I need is not one of them.  Q jumps from Tan to Deep which in this concealer is very deep.  Laura made two light-to-medium shades (for women of color) called Deep Tan and Rich in this product which QVC has omitted.  I usually buy foundation and concealer products elsewhere, but that doesn't excuse the fact that QVC often chooses to omit shades available for darker skin tones when they select which colors they will offer in foundation/concealer products.