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Re: Laura Geller Elements Foundation

@Sweet_Serenity wrote:

A274295 comes with hydrating primer. 

Does anyone use the foundation? TIA


@Sweet_Serenity, I can't speak about the Spackle Primer, don't use primers and personally prefer to have as little as possible on my face, but I can absolutely swear - the LG Baked Elements is the best foundation I've ever used.

Do not know, how it would cover, if there is a need to cover up things, I mostly use it as finishing touch over the moisturizer.


It does a remarkable job without being detected at all! And it's talc free!

My usual color is light, but in LG BE I went a shade lighter, and it's perfect.


My only dream is to find a liquid foundation in the future, that would be as good as LG GE powder. But because I already have this GE compact (and a spare), I am not even looking much for foundation at all - I have a perfect one already!

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Re: Laura Geller Elements Foundation

I ended up applying this recently with a dry beauty blender and it not only took off the hard film from using it wet but it also gave nice coverage as opposed to a brush which is what I have been using. I guess my problems with it were all user error.