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I started using Latisse about a month ago. I am seeing increased length of my lashes. They have always been major wimpy. I was using Rapid Lash with some success for a few months before this.

I believe I am seeing increased length of my lower lashes. I wasn't expecting that as you don't use Latisse on your lower lashes. I was surprised by this.

I am finding that I have left over medication and not enough brushes to use it. I guess I am going to have to re-use brushes. I found you can't really rinse them because it takes away their ability to absorb the medication. Maybe I'll use one brush for both eyelids.

I am having some itching on my eyelids, and didn't use it last night because the itching was pretty intense. Feels better today, so I will use it tonight.

Overall, I do think it is improving my nothing eyelashes.