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Last Week's Dr. D TSV - Need Your Help Girls

This was the 3 piece with the Hydroshield Cleanser, the Vitamin C pads and the nightime retinol serum.

I just got mine yesterday - I have never used Dr. Denese products before.

Question for those of you who got it - how did yours arrive? My cleanser bottle was sealed - had to pull the seal off the top and insert the pump. However, the PADS were just open - I opened the jar and the pads just came out - I would have thought that since these are supposed to remain wet they should have had a seal - did yours come that way.

Same with the Retinal night seum - just opened the top and the pump was there and had to prime to start using.

My main concern is the pads - if any of you could tell me if you jar of pads came without a seal I would greatly appreciate it. Customer service can't tell me and I dont' want to wasy $100+ dollars and/or wait to return and receive another..

Thanks in advance for your help - you girls here are wonderful.

Have a good day.