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Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

Thanks to my physical therapist extraordinaire, I have exceeded everyone's imagination on how well I would handle PT (I'm a self confessed wimp when it comes to anything uncomfortable).  Most any orthopedic surgeon could have done what my surgeon did.  I don't know anyone else this side of the Mississippi that could get me to do what Rob has done.  Like someone here on this forum said about their PT person, I want to scoop him up and take him home!  I will miss him terribly.  I have the utmost respect for him as a person and as a physical therapist.  Everyone here was so right when they said the most important part of this journey is the PT.  The clinical part is over but I've still got plenty of work to do at home.  I found and bought this magnetic resistant pedal device to help with my continuing therapy at home.  It's got the ultra smooth and quiet magnetic gears or whatever like the machines at PT. This will make my knee bends/crunches easier too.  8 levels of intensity


Delivered today was Kosas Revealer Foundation and Nars Light Reflecting setting powder with several samples including a box of 10 Glow Recipe's new Strawberry AHA BHA Salicylic Acid packets.  May give those to the teenage grandbabies. 

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

@monicakm Best wishes for a continued recovery! You go girl! 

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

So glad to hear P T went well.

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad



Congrats on getting thru PT w/ flying colors. I do know there is a world of difference between a good/avg therapist and an extraordinary therapist. Glad you got a someone you really appreciated working with. Someone extraordinary!


Your pedal machine looks very cool ... the fact that it's quite is a nice bonus.

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

@monicakm  - congrats on such a good outcome on your PT.  So glad all went well.  It makes such a difference.

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

Atta girl, @monicakm , we knew you could do it.


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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

I wish your Pt guy would come here to work.  They put you on a machine, walk off and after you are done you have to wait forever for them to get back to you.  Out of an hour of PT you actually are doing about 30 minutes of therapy and 30 minutes of waiting for them to come back.  Maybe 10 minutes of the Pt is them trying to get the hose back on your leg.  I think that is why so many people quit the PT early. So glad to hear there are good PTs.

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

@Franklinbell wrote:

@monicakm Best wishes for a continued recovery! You go girl! 


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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad

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@monicakm   How are you feeling?  A friend of mine is considering knee surgery.  Can you tell me how long after surgery were you able to walk, pain level, PT - how long was PT?  Any information you can hand over will be appreciated and I will forward to her.  Thank you.

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Re: Last Day of PT. It Was Kinda Sad



I was walking a few hours after my surgery.  A nurse had a belt around my waist and we walked about 50 yds.  Spent the night and home the next day.

Pain level is all over the place depending on activity level...mostly during and after PT.  I was kept as comfortable as I could be with oxycodone.  Everyone here said PT was the most important part of the journey and they were right.  Don't skimp on that!  I missed one appt (I had the time wrong) and my PT called to check on me and find out why I wasn't there.  When he found out I was ok, I got chewed out lol


Not gonna lie.  It's painful.  It hurts right now.  When I was on pain meds routinely, pain was kept at a minimum but I was afraid of too much of it and would skip doses.  Not smart.  Good idea to take a dose an hour before PT.


Saw my Dr today.  He took xrays and said I was good to go and he'd see me in a year.  


Your friend's best friend will be ice.  I hope she has someone at home to help her.  I used a potty chair one time.  A walker is a must.  I have a walker "basket" on mine to transport things.


I have this bundle to help with the all important home exercises (it doesn't stop when PT stops) and the bike pedals will be here tomorrow.  Dr and PT approved.  PT lasted about 2 months.  I was there two days after surgery.  It was 16 or 18 visits.   Dr told me today that about 1/2 of the replacement patients don't see therapy to the end Smiley Sad


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