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Lancome TS Aug 11 on HSN

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Looks like 2 Visionnaire serums both 1.7 oz for $116, free shipping. Anyone interested, easy pass for me. 

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Re: Lancome TS Aug 11 on HSN

I just won't spend a ton of money on creams and serums. Olay and L'Oréal are good enough for me. I buy expensive cosmetics sometimes but I know they are often no better than some drugstore brands. WhenI was in France, I bought their pharmacie brands because they were fantastic. In any case, I love Lancôme cosmetics but I'll pass on the TS.

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Re: Lancome TS Aug 11 on HSN

A big nope for me.

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Re: Lancome TS Aug 11 on HSN

Love Lancome. I used Lancome Renergie Lift Multi Action Cream for a while and stopped because of the cost. Tried many other lines and when HSN had it as TS last month I ordered. All I can say is wow, I wasted so much $ trying all of those alternative products. Not straying  away from it again and will treat myself to this from now on. My 66 year old skin has never looked better, fine lines gone, firmer and lifted. I will pass on this TS and use the Renergie and my Dr. Denese firming pads, oh and Purity Made Simple cleanser a keeper as well.  

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Re: Lancome TS Aug 11 on HSN

I've been a Genefique user for many years now.  I've always purchase from HSN. 


The TS is a pretty good deal.  I'm tempted to try it.