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Does anyone here use this?  I've been thinking about getting it as need a primer but seems pricey for a primer. Am going back and forth on whether to purchase. 

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Re: Lancer Dani glow perfector

I do have this and use frequently.  It isn't anything more than the usual liquid highlighter without glitter; however, it is suppose to have skincare ingredients as well.  I've used under foundation although not all over as a primer as you suggest.  

Before I purchased I was hesitant due to reviews speaking of a strong fragrance but I found that not to be the case - light fragrance but disipates quickly.  It was part of a bundle previously offered here and it was a good value.  I'm not sure I would ever reorder because I can't say I notice any true skincare benefit.  The tiniest amount is used so a little bit goes a long way.

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Re: Lancer Dani glow perfector


I ordered it on Saturday due to free s&h. I have been curious about it for some time. Not sure what to expect. 

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Re: Lancer Dani glow perfector

@KKJ   If you check the ingredients, the first one is water. That would be a turnoff for me. The rest of the list is several types of silicones, mica for shine/shimmer and some lavender oil. I don't see much skincare there....especially for $95.

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Re: Lancer Dani glow perfector

@KKJ- you ought to try it and see how you like it.  You can always return it.  As the other poster stated, a little goes a long way so although a little pricey, it may last for a long time.