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I recently ordered Josie Marran's Argon Oil and can not believe how amazing this is! I have Rosacea on my face and am constantly trying to find anything that will help. I was a bit skeptic as to whether or not I should use this product and decided that the worst that could happen is that I would be disappointed and it would be like so many of the other products out there that do absolutely nothing.

I applied this product for the first time on my face before I went to sleep (which by the way I had Rosacea-bumps and rashy redness on my face) and when I woke up next morning my skin felt like SILK and the best part is that the bumps and rash were gone!! I can not believe how wonderful this product is and I wanted to let all of you know in case you were wondering if it was good.{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}