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Hi Ladies!  Up for another survey again?  One for the weekend perhaps?

I'm considering buying a Liquid Lipstick.  They seem to be gaining quickly in popularity, but also in formulas, coverage and application.


What is your preference?


A Matte?  Do you find them drying?


A Satin?


Full Coverage?


Sheer, Tint, Glossy or Stain?


Colors?  Any particular ones to stay away from?


Do You Use A Primer or Top Coat?


Any Other Suggestions Or Comments?




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I like all of them. I own some from Kat Von D and Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics. 

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I have a few different brands, but I have the most of the brand Colourpop. They are only $6. They have 2 formulas: Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin. I always exfoliate my lips and I put on a balm while I'm doing my face makeup. I also use a lip liner. I have a couple Kat Von D and I love them also. Good luck!

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I bought one just today from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Goes on nice and smooth and not drying like the earlier liquid lipsticks. Stayed on for several hours then needed to be reapplied. I topped mine with gloss because I like a shinier lip. 

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I love the look of liquid lipstick. I own these brands:





Color Pop

Kylie Jenner


Color Pop and Kylie Lip Kits are supposedly made by the same company. I was just a bit ago checking out Kylie's new colors released today. Color Pop are cheap and there is,a,flat shipping of $6 ,I think. I just got a NYX in"Madrid" which is,a dupe of Kylie's shade "Leo".




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The matte liquid lipsticks I am a fan of are:


theBalm Meet Matte Hughes

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Mattes


I don't wear mattes as much as I would like because I have really dry lips.

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Is ColorPop available in brick-and-mortar stores or only online?

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The only liquid lipstick I've worn and didn't dislike were from theBalm. I just don't have good luck with several formulations, due to them being drying, peeling/flaking, etc. There is a YTer I LOVEEE named Stephanie Nicole (she is top 3 for me), and she has an entire liquid lipstick series, in which she grades different ones and has a whole system. It's really interesting. You might check her out. HTH!

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@kathya1119 No, Colourpop is only available online. They are only a few years old. 

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I've seen the term several times .... but just to be clear .... a liquid lipstick is basically the same as a lip gloss, but with more color density?   Is that correct?


If so, do they come off on everything (coffee cups, etc) like lip glosses do?


I'd be interested in the pros and cons of anyone who's tried more than one brand of liquid lipstick .... anyone?