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Hi ladies, has anyone used both LG I-care and Inkcredible? I got Ink and like them, wondering if the smudgers is the only diff or if the feel is different.


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I was wondering what the difference is with these 2?  Do the both glide on smoothly, good color pay off and stay on?

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I've used both.  The I-care is fine.  It does not last on my waterline at all, smudges on me throughout day but I do have oily lids and many kohl liners smudge on me.


the inkredible has a much better staying power on me and lasts on my inner lash line really well.  I thought that they both had smudges and sharpeners but might be wrong.  I'm condiering purchasing more of her Inkredibles, but never considered repurchasing the icare after receiving several in kits over the years.  

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Over a year ago she offered the set of 12 I think. They worked well for me and did not smudge on my waterline. The only color that did was the navy. Have no idea why that shade would do that. I liked that they had a tiny bit of sparkle in them.  Not over the top. They went on easily without tugging. Rarely do I go through a set of liners. Normally I get bored with them. However, I have actually used these up. I only have the teal and the gray left.

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Her I-Care liners have never worked for me. And I ordered l/2 dozen of them a while ago. They moved all around and not good on oily lids.

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I love LG but her pencils never worked for me either.I use mostly Dalton and Julep eye pencils.

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Thanks for the response everyone! I ended up getting a set of Inkcredible, the reviews for I-care were not as good. And the Ink's don't smudge even on my water line so why mess with something that works. 


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I've had both and the Inkredibles are much better.