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I still have my old tropics packaging that came in the pink jeweled tube. It was too beautiful to throw out. I want to purchase this but purchased the other set of lipsticks instead. I like them a lot, but if i'd known about the tropics I would have opted for that.  I used to get a lot of compliments on the shade.  I shoudl be more specific on my lipstick purchase.  I only got three shades, and purchased them at ulta.  I am partial to nudes, and the red and other brights would simply not work on my complexion.  I was thrilled to see Ulta offers two separate sets of these lipsticks.  3 nude, and 3 bold.

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@LittleT in KC I found a site searching Google to take another lipstick bullet and inserting into an old metal tube. I did it once when a company switched from metal to plastic containers and it cracked. 


Thanks four the heads up. Went to watch the video and it looks more rose than the past coral color it used to be. In the beginning of the video Jill smeared it all over her mouth! A monkey could have done it better. Hope Laura cleaned her up!

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While watching LG with Jill, I noticed that the lipsticks bled like crazy when she applied the shades to the back of her hands.

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I recently got the LG Tropics lipstick and have to say if I had to limit myself to one lipstick only (can't ever imagine that, however!) it would be this one.  It could go with just about any color you would wear and really is the perfect universal color.