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The Concealer pens are MY FAVORITE concealer! I can use it over my foundation to brighten up and even out my under eye area also I use it at the outer corners and other places on my face and it is SO good! I bought 2 last time cause they last so long and I didn't want to run out. Now I see they don't have it available! It says "right now" but I don't know if that means it will be back or they will bring something else in it's place?? Does anyone know about it? I PRAY they are not discontinuing it! I LIVE and Swear BY THAT STUFF! For me it works better than REAL DEAL because it is smooth and moister, blends well by just patting gently and doesn't crease at all. The REAL DEAL creases on me Smiley Sad and is kind of heavy. I HOPE it comes back SOON!!