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L'Oreal Red Peony Moisturizer

Has anyone tried the new Peony-tinted moisturizer?  I am 60 ish and just found it.  Texture and light scent is wonderful....doesn't give me redness....just a nice feel.


I haven't used it long enough to notice difference in skin ...anyone use it long-term?

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Re: L'Oreal Red Peony Moisturizer

Do you mean L'oreal's Rosy Tone Cell Renewal?  I've seen that at the store and I'm curious about it.  I haven't tried it yet - still debating.   I saw an ad that said it supposedly gives your complexion a "rosy glow."   Does it?



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Re: L'Oreal Rosy Tint Moisturizer

Yes, sorry....Rosy tint moisturizer....the "rosy" is very mild....nothing like adding redness...but I a starting to use it first thing in the morning as my go-to doesn't cover anything but it has a fresh feel and glow...I just wondered if anyone has used it long term yet?


I looked at Walmart, Target, Ulta,...and it was sold out everywhere....finally did find it at Target...only one left at the was 19.99 so I decided to try it.


Scent was very faint....but rose smell.  Will keep it up and get back to you.