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Does anyone know if L'Occitanne will offer a holiday set this year? I got the set that was offered in October but was wondering if there will be another special set. The new scents  look interesting - I'm going to check those out in the L'Occitane store to see if I like the scent. 

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Re: L’Occitane Holiday Set


Check out A369325.

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Re: L’Occitane Holiday Set

@genab: I don't know if there's going to be a holiday TSV, but two Black Friday specials with free shipping are available right now:


A311598  Almond Shower Oil & Balm Duo

A286069  Almond Shower Oil Trio 

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Re: L’Occitane Holiday Set

@genab @SurferWife 


I bought that set and am very pleased with it. Included were two L'Occitane gift bags which are not mentioned in product description.