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I have dry sensitive skin. I need a good moisturizer for my face. One that won't burn when I put it on. I did some homework and Korres has a Greek yogurt moisturizer that looks that it might help me. Has anyone tried this line? Do you have any other suggestions for a moisturizer before I buy this brand ? Thanks.

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I love Korres. I have it all over my house. I use the body butter on my hands, feet etc. The Yougart is a good choice for dry skin. I like the white grape too. I love all of the scents some more than others. the yougart is the most moisturizing that I have tried in this line.

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Try Boots No7. Not very expensive but a nice cream for dry skin. I also like Korres products but haven't used the face cream. 

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Korres facial moisturisers are good. I've used Wild Rose 24 Hour and yoghurt sleeping facial. My skin is dry but not extra sensitive. So not sure about the sensitivity issue.
PC Recoverey Line is excellent for dryness and sensitivity. HTH