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I saw the video as well. I think the crop pants look adorable and am happy that they come in petite sizing. I've never ordered anything from this line. How does the sizing compare with other lines on QVC. I usually wear xs for pants in most QVC lines. I don't like my clothes to be super tight. I'm thinking of ordering a petite size 4. Any advice from those who have tried this line? Thanks!

How petite are you, I'm 5ft 3 and the rise is good, but I would like the pull on jeans a little longer in length. I found the jeans true to size.

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Anyone tried the flexibelle that lives along the Gulf coast? How thick is the fabric? Too hot for our humid summers?

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I understand shes trying to carve a niche for herself with a big personality. She is fun and has a good message to love yourself, but she’s a lot to watch for me.  I think some of her things are cute but I’m not a fan of crop pants. Just my opinion. 

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When I see her, I always think what a beautiful woman she is.