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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

@JeanLouiseFinch  yes this is so true....since I have rosacea with oily skin in some areas plus dry in others even if I use nothing certain foundations can crease and smear on me.  So far I have tried my AL Non Nano Zinc spf 40 sunscreen only under....and my La Roche Posey facial spf....I did notice it was abit more slick looking with Posey.  So far the AL spf is doing good.  For me I must be able to use spf all yr long.  I do put a small touch of IT Cosemtics Bye Bye Redness powder over top too.  


So far no burning or breaking out....I do like all the products but the foundation is the reason I purchased to try.  As for the eye shadow sticks....those are Mally's...they stay on.  


Used the lip liner today and gently filled in my lips...then the gloss....looks really nice.  


I didn't know the kit is the same each not sure I'll do the AD.  



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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

I love every single product in the set that I got a couple of days ago. The foundastion is awesome, I'm having a little issue with the brush because I've never used a brush to apply foundation. The mascara doen't flake and the eye shadows stay all day without creasing. When I first applied the lip pencil I thought it was going to be too dark but with the gloss over it, perfect. I'm really suprized, I never thought I would love all the products. I love Kims jeans already and now want to try some of her tops.

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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

I like the finish and the shades of colors but the foundation flared my rosacea like obody's business!


I sent it back ASAP.


I am now covered in Metrogel and taking minocycline.

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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

I returned mine. The foundation was okay but the color was too light and the only things I liked were the lip pencil and the mascara. Did not like the shadows so back it went. I would order the foundation by itself but in a deeper shade
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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

But can you get the product out of the tube with the stubby pump?  I couldn't so I returned the whole kit.

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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation

I wasn't impressed with this kit, other than the mascara.  Didn't like the eye shadow sticks, too much shimmer.  The lipliner color is much to dark for the the gloss and doesn't blend well.  The foundation brush base loosened from the handle after only a couple weeks and the foundation pump stopped working so that the top has to be unscrewed to use the foundation.   Thought the foundation shade and texture was nice, but found it didn't hold up well throughout the day and looked chalky and splotchy by mid afternoon.  

Decided to cancel the auto delivery and will continue the search for the perfect foundation. 

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Re: Kim Gravel Hover Cover Foundation


@KatCat1 wrote:

@sz0125   Make sure you wear an SPF moisturizer underneath the foundation and you will be fine.  Also, I own a spray SPF which I absolutely love.

Which Spray SPF do you use? Do you just spray it on AFTER makeup? Very interested to know. TIA