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Kids WENs very moisturizing - does it have menthol?

I like WEN very much - my hair seems to have grown a lot since I have been using it. The thing I notice is that I seem to have more hair loss at shampooing than another other shampoo. I have wheat/gluten issues to I use the Six Thirteen/Pomergranate or seasonals.

I am wondering if it is the methol that is doing this - my other hair shampoos don't have methol in them and I don't notice the hair loss. While I have a lot of of hair - at 55 I don't want to cause hair loss.

I'm not basing WEN - I'm trying to figure out a solution. I did try Carol's Daughter Monoi - love the smell and that doesn't seem to cause hair to fall out.

I am wondering if the kids shampoo is moisturing. I did cancel my 32 oz shipment and think I will work on using up all of my WEN in the meantime alternate with another shampoo or use it up as a conditioner.... Smiley Sad

Just bummed out.