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Just used 613; my opinion/observations on the product++

I started out with Lavender and then added Fig to it. In time, I switched entirely to Fig as my hair simply needed more (meds, age, environment all play a role in how our hair responds to and with product). Lately, even Fig hasn't been doing what I need. Yet, the more I used (esp. as a leave in) the more coated it felt. Looked good but not what I know it can look like when using WEN. I added in the oils again and still... frizzy, flyaway, not what it once was.

A very kind person on another board sent me a large sample of the 613. Enough for 2 cleansings (use it, rince, used it again, pea size leave in equals 1 cleansing for me) so I've used it in the shower twice now. I'd ordered the 613 but it was on Waitlist so what a surprise to find it on my doorstep yesterday, lol. Anyway, I followed up with my usual styling products in the shower on wet hair: lavender styling cream and lavender hold spray.

HUGE difference with 613 and in a good way. First, there is NO TINGLE ON MY SCALP. I also don't have that "medicine like" smell in my shower. It's not as thick as the Fig. It rinces out easier then the other Wen CC. The scent is like an "upscale salon product" if that makes any sense. Not drugstorie-ish in the least but rich and... warm. Don't get any lemon or rosemary but warm vanilla without it smelling fake.

My hair is FULL and SOFT beyond belief. I don't use a brush any longer, I use my fingers to comb my hair, use them to add lift at the roots and overall smooth as I blow dry. I then use my Mason Pearson and go over it when completely dry. I'm going to allow it to air-dry over this weekend as I have curly hair and I want to see how the curls will come out on their own.

I'm sending BACK the lavender and fig that arrived a few days ago and using 613 only from this point on. I do hope he brings out the Re Moist in the 613 formula and offers this in a gallon. Again, though it's a bit more money, I use less, spend less time rinsing and my hair looks like it did a few years back when I first started with WEN.