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What?  What has transpired in the last 8 hours?  Q has changed their minds and want us to stay?




I think it’s more that they want us to leave on their terms.

@Drythe   What transpired? Now I'm on both.

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Re: Just so you know

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I just joined the party this a.m. as Harpa.

"See you 'round, chums!"


(Quote is from some kind of doll - I forget who - that you pulled the string, and it would say that!)

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I'm not sure if anything "happened".  I'm still a bit confused but someone said the Q wanted us to shut down/leave on their terms???

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@Icegoddess  thanks so much to you & all the ladies for setting this up!  I just signed up & looking forward to seeing you all again ♥️  First need to figure out how to post over there.  Super happy!!