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Just received $40 grab bag from

From last weeks promotion for $40 grab bag with $75 purchase. I did place my $100 order to get this special and for the first time ever I am disappointed in a grab bag from This is what I received: 4 ounce Creme Brulee shower gel, 1 ounce pure grace shower cream, .375 ounce when hope is not enough serum, foil sample of pure grace shower cream, foil sample with 1 purity cleansing cloth and one full-size bar of pure grace soap (this is the only full size product in the bag). I have never received the foil samples and 1 ounce bottles in a grab bag. These are free items available when placing orders. Usually the grab bag contains at least an 8 ounce bottle of shower gel. Also, the other products are items that are in trial kits and sets and not available individually at these small sizes. I am just wondering if others received similar items in their $40 grab bag. I priced the items as best I could and can't see where they would be $40 worth unless the soap would cost $20 a bar. My last grab bag which was the same price range added up to over twice the stated grab bag value so I was really surprised by this one.